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Question about a hot water heater, that turns out to be a poorly adjusted scald guard on a shower valve faucet. I have a two story 2350 square foot home. The 50 gal gas water heater provides hot water to the upper story and all main floor outlets, except the Master Shower. I let it warm up an inordinate amount of time and it still is more warm than hot.

I feel the piping for the shower is different than the sinks in that bathroom where hot water is abundant.

I live in the Pacific Northwest where the temperature is usually mild.

Is there anything I can do?  What is a test to make sure the Water Heater is working properly?

Hi, Ralph I don't think the problem has anything to do with the water heater at all. If you have good hot water at all other fixtures, the problem is likely with the shower faucet. Most local codes require all tub and shower faucets to have a scald guard feature and a balance control built in to the faucet. The scald guard feature is adjustable and may be adjusted too low for you.

Different faucet brands have different ways to adjust the scald guard. But most are under the faucet handle, please see the following page for an example. Example scroll to the bottom of the page to see how this faucets scald guard feature is adjusted.