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There is no way to know for sure if you are, or not, but you may be paying an annoyance fee if:

You think your plumber loves your dog as much as you do, and don't have the courtesy to put the dog away.

You know you want to have the plumber look under the sink, but didn't take the time to remove all of your stuff from under the sink.

You think the plumber loves your company, and doesn't mind you breathing down his neck the whole time he is working.

You think the plumber doesn't mind removing your clothes from the closet to access the crawl space underneath.

You think your plumber is a baby sitter and loves to entertain your children.

You wait till the plumber puts all of his tools away before you tell him there is something else you would like to have done.

You ask questions while he is under a sink or working on something instead of waiting till he is finished.

You try to renegotiate the price after all the work is done.

You think your plumber doesn't mind having to remove things in front of boiler, furnace or water heater so that he can do his job.

You say you only pushed the red button on your boiler once, when you know you pushed it many times.

You don't think it's important to tell the plumber you used a chemical drain cleaner before you called about your clogged drain.

You think a 40 watt light bulb is all you need in your boiler room.

You continue to use the clogged toilet for several hours before the plumber can get to your home.

Please keep in mind Plumbers don't like the gruff image that has been bestowed upon them, And would like to be given the same respect that they give.

We are hard working, Intelligent people, providing a valuable service.

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