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Air conditioning help

This is a guide to help you solve common problems you may have with your air conditioning system.

Please note because of environmental safety there are some things that can only be done by licensed air conditioning professionals, Charging and discharging Freon or Puron is not allowed except by a licensed air conditioning professional, please do not try to do this yourself, it is dangerous to yourself and the environment call a professional air conditioning contractor

I can hear the air moving, but the air is not cool
My unit is iced up
My Air Conditioner is leaking.

I can hear the air moving, but the air is not cool

There can be many reasons for this kind of problem, it can be one or a combination problems causing this

1 Low Freon or Puron You can not fix this yourself call an air conditioning contractor

2 No power to the condenser, The large unit outside, check breakers and fuses at the outside disconnect box. DANGER there is high voltage at the power disconnect box, do not mess with it if you don't know what you are doing, call local air conditioning contractors

3 The thermostat is not turned to the cool setting, Thermostats that control heating and cooling have a little sliding lever that has 3 settings Heat Cool and Fan, If it is on any other setting then cool the air conditioner will not work, even though the the blower will run.

4 The thermostat setting is set as high or higher then the room temperature. If the room temperature is set at 68 and the thermostat is set at 68 the ac unit stops cooling.


5 The unit is iced up and air can not flow through it, the A coil gets a build up of ice be cause of other problems like, a clogged air filter, or low coolant,

My Unit is iced up

3 Reasons that I know of for a unit icing up.

1 Dirty filers, Filters need to be replaced or cleaned every month.

2 the A coil is plugged up because the filter was removed or not installed properly.

The system is low on coolant, you can't do this your self call an air conditioning contractor

My Air conditioning unit is leaking.

Most of the time your A/C will leak because of a clogged condensation drain, The condensation drain (most of the time) is just a 3/4" PVC line, it should have a trap (a "U" shaped fitting) as it comes out of the unit, Sometimes it is as easy as just blowing into the line to clear it, once clear, pour a little bleach down the pipe.

It may also be leaking because the unit is icing up then thawing, See "My Unit Is iced up"