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All about me and my plumbing and heating experience

I'm a master plumber who has been doing plumbing and heating for almost 40 years.

I found that I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

From there I did new homes and every other kind of plumbing and heating work.

I started as a helper in the Bronx in New York City. I was doing Jobbing. Jobbing is repair and service work. My first experience with Plumbing and heating was in those old apartment buildings in The Bronx. you can't get that kind of experience any place else.

I had my first plumbing license back in 1978 in Broward county Florida.

Then I got my masters licenses in Putnam County New York and several towns in Westchester county. Any way I now live in Alaska. I am still doing plumbing and heating work. This web site is kind of a hobby for me I hope you enjoy what you learn here.

No Longer living in Alaska, just too cold for me now living in Richmond Virginia. I go back to New York to install a boiler now and then.

All questions need to be posted on the plumbers talk forum