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Welcome to the 24/7 Free Hot Line Service

Hi, my name is Thomas P. Reardon, I have been a master plumber for over 40 years, doing residential plumbing and heating, I can help you with your plumbing problems. I offer a unique service that I call the 24/7 Hot Line Service, to help you with your heating and plumbing problems. This service is available now, and this is not an old out of date website. The month Is May, the year is 2018.  

Heating Problems


This is real help with real plumbing and heating problems.

With this service I will answer any plumbing or heating question you have, I will look at your pictures and give you the best advice I can offer.

I will talk you through repairing your plumbing and heating problem, for example, if your boiler fails, I will help you find the problem and talk you through repairing or replacing the items that are causing the problem.

I can not answer one sentence short questions, when I get short questions that don't tell me anything, I have to ask a whole bunch of questions, to figure out what your problem is, please give detailed questions, like boiler name, oil or gas, hot water or steam, hot air, and any other detail that will help me help you. if you had work done, or did work yourself, please let me know.
I am one person, not a team of people,

I am very good at this, and you will not be sorry you used this service.

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