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Below is a list of my other websites, with a short description 

This website has peoples stories about the bible, you can write your own story if you like.

One man's story about a life time of being depressed, this is an ongoing story, comments can be made.

A website to purchase Bio-Clean products.

Just People Talking is a discussion forum, talk about anything you want, start your own conversation, or comment on others. The first link will take you to the HTML article pages, this link will take you to the forum
Just people talking forum

Master Plumber USA is going to be the new name for this website someday

Red Dead Redemption Two is for talking about the game after it has been released and people have had a chance to play it.

U-Load I Drive, is a small truck driving service, I meet you at any store, you load the truck, I drive to your destination, you unload, Available in orange County New York.

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