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The Moen single handle tub and shower faucet, how to replace the cartridge.

How to replace a Single Handle Moen Cartridge

This page will help you fix a Moen faucet, and Show You How to replace Moen cartridge. Follow the step by step instructions below to replace Moen cartridge and if you run into any problems when trying to fix a Moen faucet you can get my help. Please see what happened to Doug When he tried to replace Moen cartridge. Click here to read our conversation about Replace Moen Cartridge. First things first  Make sure you have turned the main water valve to your house off. Then Open a faucet (if possible at a lower level then the faucet being repaired) and make sure it stays open. This will prevent any water that is getting past the valve or is just in the lines from running in to the wall .

Moen faucet repair This is your basic Moen shower valve. The same cartridge is used in Kitchen and lavatory faucets. This one is leaking Bad.
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Moen Tub shower CartridgeNote the position of the cartridge, It must be in this position.


Moen Stem replacementReplacing the pin. This must be done right, It has to go straight through and into the bottom slot.

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Moen stem removeIt must look like this all the way in and not bent at the bottom. Now you are done. put back the sleeve, the chrome plate. and turn the water back on, But before you put the cover over the handle screw test to see if the hot is on the left or not if it is on the right remove the handle and turn the stem 180% (you don't need to remove the pin or cartridge to do this) Then put the handle back on and you are done. Good Luck.  Feed back is very important to me Please take the time to send feed back
View all full size images with instructions Also see the Moen PosiTemp instructions Great Deals on Moen Cartridges

Feedback from happy users.
Your site was very helpful; the photos were great and the step-by-step instructions were excellent. 
I am without question an average homeowner, but I hate to call a plumber, painter, carpenter, etc. 
Thanks for your help in this matter; I will be back.  Best regards to you in Alaska, Jim.

These instructions were right on the money, I know nothing about plumbing but I was able to change the cylinders in my tubs easily following these instructions. THANKS! Very helpful Website.

I bought the special tool to pull the valve and it came right out in two pieces. Of course, I bought the wrong replacement and had to make a second trip to Home Depot.
I had a bit of a scare when I turned the main back on and the shower just dripped when the valve was opened.
The sink had pressure, so I know that wasn't the problem.
I pulled the shower head off and sure enough, the screen was full of junk dislodged when I changed the valve.
Everything works good now.
Thanks again for a very helpful website.
The guys at the store didn't know diddly. I'd been putting off replacing the cartridge for months and didn't use the bathtub in fear of having a problem pulling out the cartridge. I have  hard water and it was difficult even after spraying it with vinegar.
Moen never told me of the cartridge pull but your site was terrific.
I went to Home Depot and the first 2 people had no idea and the guy who supposedly knew about plumbing came over and told me he needed the cartridge, which I didn't bring because it was stuck. 
After asking him about a special tool to pull it out he remembered and took me to the area with the pulls.
He said he didn't have the one for Moen but I looked through them all and found it easily.
If I didn't look myself I would've had to call a plumber, and it's very expensive to have him come to just remove the cartridge.
I really appreciate your site and the info you provide. Plumbing can be very tricky for a novice and since I am retired I prefer to do as much as I can, myself. Thanks again for the valuable information. Ira

Your instructions gave me knowledge to try replacing the cartridge. 
I was thinking I would have to have a plumber out to replace the faucet and tear out a wall to do so.  
The faucet was probably installed in 1980 when the house was built. 
I have several more to do now. I especially liked the info on the Brass Craft T161 tool. 
That made the job very simple.  I could not figure out  what to do with the extra spacer. 
I could not find a place for the ears to fit. Very informative. 
While in the midst of trying to turn it bang it I decided to go online and lo and behold after 2 tries I got your website. 

The pictures are an enormous help.  I might have screwed up the whole thing if I kept on. 
I'll be calling a relative (plumber) to help in the removal of the cartridge as it is stuck.  Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) Thanks, for the help. Everything went just as you described it. The pictures and being able to enlarge them help a great deal.



Moen Shower Repair First remove the Handle. remove the plastic cover and remove the screw.

Note if you are repairing a Moen Kitchen faucet, you will need an Allen wrench key 7/16" to remove a set screw located behind the little Moen nameplate, or just a blue and red hold cover, this can be removed with your thumb nail, once removed insert the Allen wrench and turn it counter clockwise till the handle is loose enough to lift off of the cartridge stem.

Moen cartridge replacement Note: Removing the front plate is not necessary.
The faucet can be repaired with out removing the chrome plate.

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Moen Faucet Stem Then remove the pin that holds the cartridge in. Just pull up with needle nose pliers. Note the position of the cartridge. This can be a point of no return. If you are not sure you should continue Call a professional. or use my Open Dialog Service


Moen Repair There is a tool for removing the cartridge but I just put the handle back on and use it to pull the cartridge out.
Note: Sometimes a cartridge will not come out no mater what you do, If this happens you may want to stop and call a professional
This happens more when you have very hard water.
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Moen Faucet Cartridge The old cartridge out. It is not worth the time and trouble to try to repair this cartridge. just replace it. In some cases Moen will replace if for free.


Moen tub Shower Repair Before putting the new one in, clean out the inside of the faucet and apply a little plumbers grease to the walls of the faucet and on the new cartridge. then slide it in. Make sure it goes all the way in.

I received an email today from a visitor that was installing a new cartridge in a Moen kitchen faucet, he said he followed my instructions by adding a little more grease to the cartridge before installing it, as it turned out adding the extra grease was not a good thing, because it caused the faucet to shut off by it's self do to the weight of the faucet handle. The cartridges come pre greased, so if you can get it to slid back in with out adding the extra grease, you should do so especially if you are repairing a kitchen or lav faucet.
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