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Delta 622 What not to do page number two.   Back to page one

I  tested the nut on this faucet and it will not move, I removed the chrome plate so I can show you what will happen if you just get a bigger wrench and put hard pressure on this nut.
Please notice the vertical position of the stem slot it is straight up and down.

In this image I am applying more then minimum pressure, notice the position of the stem slot. If you are trying to remove the nut and you see the stem slot moving. STOP !! There is no turning back at this point.
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In this image I am continuing to turn the what you may think is the nut, but is actually the whole body of the faucet.


You may be thinking how can the whole body turn, the pipes in the wall should prevent the body from turning.

The problem is with the poor design of this old faucet, This is not to say that Delta makes a poor faucet, Delta makes great faucets, and has long since corrected this problem in newer faucets like the one I replaced this one with.
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There is a main brass body that connects to the pipes in the wall, but there are 3 little soft copper tubes that connect from the main body to the part of the body with the ball inside of it.

This is what will happen if you use too much pressure on the nut, Trust me it does not take allot of pressure to break this part off, and there is no way to repair it, you will have to replace the whole shower valve.

This is the back of the part that still has the nut attached to it, note the 2 little copper tubes, the third one is still in the main body. remember you can click on any image to see a larger image.
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This is what is left in the wall, notice the third little copper tube, It's no wonder this part will twist off. Now that I have destroyed this faucet I have to replace it, This shower happens to be a one piece fiberglass unit and there is no access from behind the shower valve to replace it.
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