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How to Repair a Delta Single Handle Bath Faucet Page 3

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This is what the faucet looks like with the seats and springs removed.
This is the content of the delta kit I purchased to repair this faucet, This repair kit came with parts I do not need, but I will use them on another faucet, all I really needed was the 2 new springs, and the 2 new seats, the black rubber boot and the white plastic part.
The Delta ball RP212F Is sold separately, you may not need to replace the Delta ball, but I like to replace everything the first time to prevent doing it twice.
I always use plumbers grease on all the faucet parts and threads.
I place a small amount of plumbers grease on the surface of the black rubber seat, You may think it is a washer, but Delta faucets are washer less, so it is a seat.
The spring, is cone shaped, it's very important that you install it correctly, The smaller diameter goes inside the black rubber seat and the larger diameter goes into the faucet body.
Now place the seat and spring into the faucet body one on the left and one on the right, make sure the seat and spring are set evenly in the faucet body, if you push in on the seat you should feel it push back a little when you release your finger from it.
Now you need to get the ball ready, I put a small coating of plumbers grease on the ball.
Then I put a small amount of plumbers grease on the inside of the black rubber boot, and place the boot over the ball.
This is what the ball looks like with the boot on it.
Now you need to place the white plastic fitting on top of the black rubber boot.
This is what it looks like when it is ready to install in to the faucet body.
Press the Delta ball assembly into the faucet body making sure the little tab lines up with and goes into the little notch in toe faucet body.
Now this is a little tricky, you need to let the Delta ball assembly go to put the nut back on (by the way I put a little plumbers grease on the threads inside the nut and on the faucet body) and the assembly likes to come up, and the tab comes out of the notch, then when you put the nut over it you can not see it any more. just push in back down from inside the hole in the top of the nut, if it turns when you tighten the nut the tab is not inside the notch, line it back up and press harder.
Then tighten the nut, it has a natural stopping point, don't go he man or she woman on it.
Just replace the handle and the cover and turn the water back on. test for leaks and that the handle moves easy.
Put the cap back on the handle and check any valve you touched for new leaks. now you are done. You just did it yourself with my help.
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