Part two on how to replace a blower motor. 

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This is part two of the how to replace a blower motor instructions. To see the first part please click on this link 

Blower Motor bYou may find it hard to believe, but I have seen worse. The blower motor could not breath and was over heating on a regular basses. And then in the middle of the night, in the middle of a cold snap, in Anchorage Alaska this blower motor quit. If these people were not home at the time, there whole house would have froze, all there pipes would have broken and even there toilets would have cracked and would have needed to be replaced, believe me I have seen it happen. All for the cost of a filter.
Blower Motor Replacement b1Blower Motor cTo remove the motor from the squirrel cage, first remove the ground wire, then remove the 3 bolts that hold the mounting bracket to the squirrel cage housing. then turn the whole thing over.
Blower Motor dBlower motor replacement step d2On the side, where the motors shaft comes through the squirrel cage, there is a 1/4 square nut. loosen this nut as far as you need to, allowing the shaft to move. Sometimes even with the nut removed the motor shaft will not move, if this happens use some king of liquid wrench. If you have to tap it out, be careful not to mushroom the shaft end, because then you will never get it out.

Blower Motor eNow flip it over again and you have the old motor out. Make notes where the motor brackets are located on the old motor before you remove them. Most new motors do not come with new brackets, you will need to use the old ones. there are many different types of brackets. if your new motor has oil ports you want to be sure they will be facing up when the blower motor is back in place.
Blower Motor fNow you will need to put the bracket on to the new motor. It's important that you replace the motor with the correct size motor, you can use the old motor as a guide or you should be able to get the information from the plate inside the furnace. because we do so many motors and there are so many different brands, we use a universal, motor. We still have to use the right size in horse power and the shaft has to be the same size, but the motors we use can be used for either clockwise or counter clockwise operation.
Blower Motor gThis is the box this one came out of. note the brand name and horse power and it also tell us the right capacitor to use. replacing the motor with out replacing the capacitor is foolish make sure to replace the capacitor when you replace the motor.
Blower Motor hThe label attached to the new motor tells you, what wire is what, this is very important, because the wires may not be the same colors as the motor you replaced.
Blower Motor iMake sure the bracket is on the motor correctly and that the bracket will not interfere with the wires and that the wires will reach the ends you cut off before. In the images below you will see the wrong way for the squirrel cage to be positioned. to far to either side will rub and make a lot of noise and cause damage to the squirrel cage and housing. make sure it is centered and spins freely.



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