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Weil Mclain boiler with Honeywell zone valves, making a strange noise. 

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I have a Weil McLean hot water boiler with cast iron baseboards. Recently I had a plumber replace the 2 zone valves that were the old style motorized valves. He installed 2 Honeywell valves one controls the basement zone and is 3/4" and the other controls the 1st & 2nd floors and 1". After replacing them I noticed they made a weird sound much like clicking and clunking when operating. I called the plumber back several times and he tried several things. Bleeding the system more, increasing and decreasing the water pressure, replaced the valve motor, replaced the part of the valve with the ball that opens but did not cut and sweat in a new body. Also disconnected the small spring on both valves.
None of the above had much change to the sound. I can duplicate the sound by manually opening the zone valve that's not operating and then letting it close. This procedure stops the noise for a period of time after which the noise comes back and then I repeat opening the valve and again the noise goes away. The plumber is completely clueless as to what this can be.
There is no air in the system when the bleeders are opened and it's not any kind of water hammer sound. I can say with certainty that the sound is at the zone valves because if I put my ear or hand on it when operates I can both feel and here it. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

This is very common with Honeywell zone valves, when they close with the circulator running they bounce. All the things the plumber did were what I have done in the past, sometimes it works and other times it does not. When ever I found a situation where I could not make the fast closing Honeywell zone valves from bouncing, I replaced them with slow opening and closing Taco zone valves Please see the type I am talking about. Taco Vone Valves.
This zone valve takes 2 minutes to open and close, no bouncing.
The heat anticipators on the thermostats will need to be set for the new zone valves.


Wow, thanks for the quick reply! If I could pick your brain a little more. This noise occurs when the valve is open in the middle of the heat cycle. It's not during opening or closing. However removing the small spring did seem to improve things somewhat. Generally only the one zone is open because I keep the basement tstat very low. However like I said, manually opening the basement zone makes the noise stop for a few hours. Very weird. The plumber wants to come back and cut out the zone valves and replace the whole valve but doesn't think the problem will be resolved. Any ideas? Also the tstat is a brand new Honeywell digital Wi-Fi so I'm not sure there is any adjustment. 

A by pass loop may help, it sounds like the pump is too large or too fast for the single zone. Can you send pictures of the boiler the zone valves and the circulator?
I believe replacing the whole zone valve body is a waste of time. taco_007honeywell_zone_valves

Here are pics of the zone valves and the circulator pump. The pump is a taco 007 pump. In another email I am sending a voice memo of the sound it makes. Not sure if you'll be able to open the voice memo but I'll give it a shot.


The sounds occurs toward the end.

 (I was able to listen to the sound clip sent by Jim, but am not able to post on this website, but I can hear something rattling around inside the pipe)

OK Jim This is not a bouncing noise, I assumed it was the typical noise a zone valve makes when closing, 

There is definitely a piece of something in the pipe. I would remove the plate to the zone valve and flush it out. something is in there. 

Yeah that's what my plumber was thinking also. He did, as I said, replace the larger valve head and ball piece behind it. There was some stuff that looked like pipe dope on the ball. Which I believe was from when he moved a baseboard radiator for me the same day he did the zone valves.  However he never did this for the basement zone valve which is the one you heard making that noise when I manually open it. I suspect that maybe the issue or perhaps some solder from when it was sweated in. That's why he wants to cut the whole valve out. In case it's a piece of solder. I do get a whining sound from the circulator when it's running but this was there before the zone valve replacement. I just assumed this is a normal sound but maybe it indicates a pump that's going? I'm thinking it may be best to have the valves changed and purge the pipe to insure nothing is in there and replace the circulator while the system is drained down also to be safe. What do you think?  

 I can't thank you enough for your expert help. As you can see I have been dealing with this issue back and forth for several months now. My plumber is great and is a licensed plumber for some 30 years like yourself but he is clueless about this one. Having said that I think he does more plumbing than repair work.

I think you are right, let him do all of that, but a real good flushing with the full size pipe open is the best way to be sure all of what is in there gets flushed out.

Again thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't say that enough! You have confirmed what I have been thinking for a little while now but I didn't want to make my plumber go through all of that for nothing. Also didn't want to keep draining down the system during the winter here in New York. 
Thanks again,

You are very welcome,  Nice talking with you Jim. Thank you for using The Open Dialog Service.

Thomas Petito Reardon

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