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Do you have a plumbing or heating Problem? Your search is over, your answers are here. 

If you have plumbing problems or heating problems, I can help you solve them.
If you just have plumbing questions or heating questions I can answer them.
If you need plumbing help or heating help, I can give you step-by-step instructions.
I have been in the plumbing and heating field for over 40 years, but even with that many years. 

I do not claim to know everything, what I do know, is how to communicate with the homeowner.
It's like having an on line plumber standing by to answer your questions' I have taken the time to take pictures of jobs that I have done, and placed them on the pages of this website so you can see how it is done, step-by-step. You will see how to service and repair faucets, how to service and repair simple drain problems, and how to service and repair many other plumbing and heating problems.
Furnace and boiler problems are my specialty, if you have no heat, I can help, ran out of oil and your furnace wont restart? I can help.
Please check out the links below to find the answer to your plumbing and heating questions.
If you do not want to search through this website and would like me to help you solve your problem now, please use my 24/7 Hot Line Service.

The 24/7 Hot Line Is a great service, I make myself available to you any time any day. I walk you through the problem and help you fix it. I am very easy to talk to and will make it very easy for you to explain your problem. Don't worry if you don't know the right words, I will talk you through it. 

Plumbing Questions
Plumbing Help
Plumbing Problems

Is it the middle of winter and you have no heat? I can help you

Did your water heater spring a leak? Together we can fix that.

Is your toilet backing up? I can talk you through it

Did your outside hose bib flood the inside of your home? I know why.

If it is plumbing, and, or heating related, I can help you fix it.

24/7 Hot Line Service.

If you have problems with anything on this website please let me know. Thank you for visiting.

Thomas Petito Reardon

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